Bill Miller offers another expert's view of the state's right of secession

Bill Miller is a Charleston SC historian, tour operator, and successful businessman who has conducted extensive research into the question of state secession.

A serious student of U.S. history from the 18th and 19th centuries, Miller began his business career building an online computer services company. One of the spinoffs from this firm was sold to USA Today in 1990. When the Internet revolution started to take off in 1996, he and one of his sons formed a successful web-based business that they operated until they sold the firm in 2004. Afterward, Miller returned to his study of history that, unfortunately, has been rewritten and reinterpreted to suit the sensitivities of the politically correct.

His first nonfiction book, “Lincoln Was Wrong – the Decision that Forever Changed America,” is a treatise on secession that focuses on the the 16th President’s decision to forcefully deny the right of sovereign States to leave the Union. Miller’s book is currently being reviewed by an editor and is expected to be published in the near future.

In February 2010, he became a licensed historical tour guide for the city of Charleston and opened a tour company called “Charleston-The Untold Story.” In addition, he has published two websites – and – that is designed to educate the public about the secession issue.

Miller is planning to open two more secession-related websites later this year. One site will offer a blueprint for resolving problems that must be addressed before a State can become free and independent. The other is a secession primer for individuals that will offer ideas on minimizing the impact of government.

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