Jelaila Starr offers her peaceful vision while earth undergoes a multidimensional shift

Jelaila Starr, founder of The Nibiruan Council, has been offering books, CDs, and DVDs that provide higher knowledge about our galactic history since 1997.

Jelaila Starr is a teacher, counselor, and successful entrepreneur who received her spiritual wake-up call in 1992 that, has since, brought her into alignment with her true mission on earth.

After running a successful business called Creative Referral Networks, Inc., Jelaila listened to her inner voice to embark on a spiritual and humanitarian path in the mid-1990s. In January 1997, she completed the first series of galactic training exercises and began to publish her writings about multidimensional shifts and galactic knowledge through her new firm, The Nibiruan Council, that she named after Nibiru, the 12th planet in our solar system.

Jelaila’s down-to-earth approach and open manner enables her to transcend belief system boundaries and provides a concrete formula for self-empowerment. At a time when many forecast doom and catastrophic change, Jelaila conveys calmness, reason, and hope.

Moreover, Jelaila is living proof that you can be happy, spiritual, and financially successful at the same time. She demonstrates that it is innately possible to enjoy the positive aspects of our earthly systems while they are undergoing massive changes.

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