Sharry Edwards tells how you can become a Guardian For The People

Sharry Edwards unveils her new project called Guardian For The People that empowers members so they can reestablish control of their health at the local level.

Sharry Edwards is the acknowledged leader and pioneer in the growing field of BioAcoustic Sound Therapy and Vocal Profiling. Currently, most sound healing techniques that are available through the Internet originate from her work.

Sylvia Francke, author of “The Tree of Life and The Holy Grail,” praises Sharry as a modern keeper of the Holy Grail mysteries who’s unlocked hidden codes in the human voice that can be used to maintain wellness and assist in the healing process.

Sherry is a frequent radio guest who has been interviewed by both Rayelan and Dr. Robin Falkov. Click here to read about Sharry’s most recent appearance on Apr. 13.

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