Ed McCabe discusses the amazing health benefits of oxygen therapy

Ed McCabe is an investigative journalist and best-selling author who is the foremost expert in promoting health through oxygen therapies.

Fondly known as “Mr. Oxygen,” Ed McCabe holds a degree in Educational Media from the University of Massachusetts and has been involved in advanced healing modalities for over 25 years. With his world-renown reputation and name recognition, McCabe has publicly discussed the benefits of oxygen therapy on network television and at a special meeting with doctors from the National Institute of Health that was attended by Senator Harkin and former Congressman Bedell.

His classic 1988 book called “Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease,” sold over 250 thousand copies through word of mouth. Oxygen Therapies was the first publication in history to detail every known therapy that used special forms of oxygen to restore health and eliminate disease (including AIDS) by boosting the immune system and ridding the body of toxins and microbes.

McCabe has appeared on over 1500 radio and television programs and has written numerous articles about oxygen therapy that have been published in magazines such as “Aids Patient Care,” “Health Freedom News,” “Explore!,” “East West Journal,” “New Perspectives,” and “Well Being Journal.”

• Executive Director, Foundation For The Advancement Of Oxygen Therapies
• Executive Director, Energy Institute

• International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation
• International Ozone Association
• International Association For Oxygen Therapy

Click here to log onto his website, or call (800) 247-6553 to order his books, tapes, and videos through BookMasters.

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