Terry Cole-Whittaker offers more advice on living your bliss

Listeners responded with enthusiasm when Terry Cole-Whittaker debuted on the show on Mar. 29. She returns to share more from her new book, “Live Your Bliss.”

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    Forwarded message from our radio guest, Terry Cole-Whittaker:

    In this video I show how to break free of the mental programming that has dumbed down our intelligence and caused us to misuse our divine powers, bringing about situations and conditions we truly do not want. Personal Freedom requires us to follow our heart’s desires, and fulfill our divine glorious destinies, even if others try to stop us.

    One of the most important things you can do, particularly in these changing times, is to discover your life’s work and live your life’s purpose. Some time ago I created the “Generating Wealth & Discovering Your Life’s Work” CD and Workbook, which has been available only to members of the Grand Masters Program.

    For a very limited time, I am making available an affordable, downloadable version of this course. Find out more here.

    I encourage you to download it now and take steps to living the life you truly want. May you be blessed with ever increasing love, bliss and prosperity.


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