Jonathon Shalomar tells how the Zero Point Energy Wand can help our body heal itself

The Zero Point Energy Wand is an exciting new product that can be used to transmit life force (chi) energy to the human body or any other object in its path.

The Zero Point Energy Wand does not heal. Instead, it serves as a directed energy source that enables the body to employ its natural form of self-healing. In addition to being a healing catalyst for the human body, the Zero Point Energy Wand can be used for other purposes, such as for improving the quality of food and wine.

Jonathon Shalomar is a multi-talented singer, composer, and visionary who is the Founder and Principal of Shalomar Productions. He has organized numerous workshops, seminars, and healing sessions and has partnered with Rayelan in a new, wealth-sharing venture called LGN Prosperity that was featured on the Feb. 5th radio show.

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