Charles Ostman and Richard Hoagland discuss options for cleaning up the oil spill

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Charles Ostman (“Mr. Nanotechnology“) and Richard C. Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission about the extreme conditions that affect cleanup of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

With the world’s attention so heavily focused on the massive oil spill that grows larger with each passing day, few may have noticed that another oil rig recently collapsed off the coast of Venezuela.

At first glance, these two accidents appear to be totally unrelated. After all, unlike the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the Venezuelan incident did not result in any casualties or spillage of petroleum into the oceanic waters.

On the other hand, if you perform the same calculation that Richard Hoagland shares with our listening audience and compare the longitude and latitude of both oil rig accidents in relation to the Giza Plateau, you will obtain an amazing set of numbers that will likely cause you to scratch your head and rethink what was really behind these two, seemingly dissimilar events.

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