Rayelan tells everything you didn't want to know about CIA mind control programming

Rayelan builds upon the information she presented in her recent shows about CIA mind control programs to discuss their roots in the secretive Artichoke Project.

A recent article written by H.P. Albarelli, Jr., and Jeffrey Kaye that was published on Truthout.org describes how the CIA’s Artichoke Project was the contemporaneous and operational side of the MK-ULTRA mind control research program. Contrary to popular belief, the Artichoke Project was not superseded by MK-ULTRA in the 1950s. Rather, Project Artichoke was the “umbrella” that originated today’s common practice of using drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation and overload, behavioral modification, and other methods of mind control for covert interrogation purposes.

While MK-ULTRA received and continues to receive the lion’s share of media attention and public outrage over CIA mind control programs, it was a deliberately planned outcome of a covert and previously unknown CIA operation launched in 1975 called Operation Dormouse.

Dormouse operated out of the CIA’s Security Research branch and was formed in response to the 1975 Rockefeller Commission report and in the subsequent Congressional hearings into CIA illegal activities chaired by Senators Frank Church and Teddy Kennedy. Following the Rockefeller Commission’s initial revelation about Dr. Frank Olson’s alleged “suicide” in 1953, high-level officials of President Ford’s administration such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld held several meetings with CIA General Counsel Lawrence Houston to suppress information about Project Artichoke.

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