Andre van Heerden and Darek Isaacs discuss new evidence that the Evolution Theory is invalid

Andre van Heerden and Darek Isaacs from Cloud Ten Pictures discuss the content of their new film, Dragons or Dinosaurs, that is causing scientists to question evolution theory.

New fossil discoveries around the world are raising questions about what scientists thought they had established in mapping the timeline of the animal kingdom. Most recently, ancient soft-bodied marine creatures found in Morocco have caused scientists to second-guess the mass extinction they theorize had closed the curtain on the time before man (see link to article provided at bottom of page).

But there is evidence rocking the Darwinian evolution argument that is even more compelling, and it serves as the foundation for a fascinating new documentary film from Cloud Ten Pictures called “Dragons or Dinosaurs.”

Here to discuss the film are Cloud Ten’s CEO, Andre van Heerden, and Darek Isaacs, the researcher who wrote the book on which the movie is based.

Interestingly, where the evidence begins is with none other than the mythical dragon and one fundamental question. Dragons have been described by ancient civilizations via the Chinese Zodiac, North American cave paintings, South American sculptures, and European engravings and folklore.

The question is: How is it that so many widespread cultures, with no way to communicate with each other, all described a creature with such similar features?

How is it that credible historic figures, such as Josephus, Marco Polo, Pliny the Elder and Alexander the Great, have all made references to first-hand accounts with dragon-like animals?

But then, new archeological discoveries in soft tissue—namely, recent excavations that have unearthed soft marrow inside dinosaur bones—provide the scientific support to turn this speculation into a cold, hard challenge of the theory of evolution. Bottom line: Were dinosaurs really extinct 68 million years before mankind walked the planet?

The intrigue only begins there. There is much more to talk about including information that the Bible may have more answers than we know, and about how dragons and dinosaurs may put a completely new charge into the Creationism debate.

To read the BBC News account about the fossil discovery in Morocco, click on this link.

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