CrystalRiver and Jan Smith discuss the link between Morgellons fibers and paper money

Are the mysterious fibers that Morgellons sufferers display on their body transmitted by chemtrails? Or, are such fibers absorbed by handling paper currency?

RMN Agent CrystalRiver has suffered the effects of Morgellons Disease for many years and has written extensively about the subject. She last appeared on the radio program on Apr. 8. Her close friend and associate on today’s program, Jan Smith, writes about her personal experience with the disease.

A Comparative Study of Morgellons Fibers with The Colored Fibers Found in US Currency
by Jan Smith

My name is Jan Smith and I have had Morgellons Disease for 12 years. I have been studying this disease from a layman’s perspective for just as long. I have been on a number of radio programs and I have a body of work at that is available for free viewing and listening. I have my own website with more information available at MorgellonsExposed.

One of the questions I am frequently asked is what Morgellons fibers look like. Several years ago one of my pat answers to that question was to look at money. Perhaps you have noticed the minuscule red and blue fibers that are embedded in money. I believe their original purpose was a means of keeping counterfeiters from reproducing the paper. Originally these fibers were made of linen but things have changed. If you have not had a good look at money at close range for a while let me refresh your memory and give you a chance to see the new technology fibers I am speaking of.

Here is the Eagle on a $20.00 bill at 10x magnification.

$20 bill

Other examples are available for viewing on Jan Smith’s website.

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