Thomas Ryan Ward tells Gulf residents how to produce clean water in the wake of the oil spill

In North America, hurricane season officially starts June 1. Those who live in hurricane zones, especially Gulf Coast residents, face a difficult road ahead.

Meteorologists have forecast the likelihood of 14-20 named storms forming in the Atlantic basin this season. Powerful hurricanes and tropical storms that travel where the BP oil slick in the Gulf is situated could trigger an environmental disaster of catastrophic proportions.

May 23 marked the start of National Hurricane Preparedness Week. Today’s guest, Thomas Ryan Ward, offers his company’s solution to one of the major challenges people face when confronted by a natural disaster of this magnitude: where to get clean drinking water when the public sources are unavailable.

Using his company’s flagship’s product, the EcoloBlue 30, a single household or office can produce over 8 gallons of clean drinking water out of thin air on a daily basis.

Click here to read about Thomas’ first appearance on the radio show on May 13.

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