Patricia Robinett describes the traumatic scars women experience from childhood circumcision

Hypnotherapist Patricia Robinett was circumcised as a child. Her tale of discovery and healing is documented in her book, “The Rape of Innocence: Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA.”

Patricia began her career working for Fortune 500 firms and law offices on the West Coast. In 1990 she changed her focus to become a self-employed hypnotherapist, de-hypnotizing clients from trauma using past-life and regression therapy.

In 2000 she realized that millions of American men had been both physically and emotionally scarred by childhood circumcision. A year later, she discovered that she had also been circumcised as a child.

Her book, “The Rape of Innocence,” is a haunting tale of her discovery and how she used her training to heal herself of her childhood trauma.

Patricia continues to write, edit, and publish books on the subjects of abuse and healing. For more information about her work, check out the following resources:

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2 Responses to Patricia Robinett describes the traumatic scars women experience from childhood circumcision

  1. Posted on the VERX Independent Media website:

    Eugenics Propaganda: Circumcision may be the answer to Aids, says [Bill] Clinton
    13 July 2010

    There is NO LINK between Aids and being an intact male. Aids caused by HIV, a virus. The foreskin actually helps the immune system. We were genetically made to have it for a reason. Even hospitals and baby books admit that there is no benefit to the mutilation ritual. it is simply a cultural & religious phenomenon.

  2. I highly recommend reading this book. I have read this book and was amazed how her discovery of being circumcised, then her hard efforts needed to find out why, so closely mirrored many circumcised men in the US. I tried to research circumcision at UC Berkeley in 1976 and turned up nothing. Today there is a wealth of knowledge thanks to the web and people are wising up. It'[s time to support equality of the sexes (again) but this time for boys who are not protected as females are from even drawing ONE drop of blood.
    And consider donating to (youtube) to start stem cell foreskin regeneration.

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