Robert Singer analyzes Hitler as War Hero, Street Cleaner, Prostitute, and Secret Agent

Robert Singer, who last appeared on the show on Sep. 1, 2009, discusses America’s entry into WWI and debunks myths about Nazism, Adolph Hitler, and the Zionists.

In today’s show, Singer expresses his belief that the Scofield Bible that was published in 1909 was one of the tools that helped the Zionists promote their idea that the New State of Israel should be formed out of Palestine.

Another were the love letters of Woodrow Wilson that fell into the hands of an influential lawyer named Samuel Untermeyer, who used them to blackmail the President into appointing a leading Zionist, Louis D. Brandeis, to the Supreme Court.

When Congress and the White House were convinced by subterfuge to enter World War I on the side of the Allies, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back of Germany that led to the signing of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and left the door open for the next world war.

Adolph Hitler: War Hero, Street Cleaner, Prostitute or Secret Agent:
A Psychohistory Analysis

By Katherine Smith, Peace Activist and Retired History Professor
July 5th, 2010

Other Resources
• “Hitler Was A British Agent,” by Greg Hallett.
• “The Hidden Hitler,” by Lothar Machtan (2001).
• “The Terrible Secret,” Walter Laqueur (1981).
• “The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler” (1979)
• “The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report,” by Walter C. Langer (1972).

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