Margo Roman, aka Dr. Do More, discusses Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Margo Roman, DVM, is the owner of Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton MA that she founded in 1983. Dr. Roman integrates all modalities of medical care in her veterinary practice.

A graduate of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, Dr. Roman has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1978. She was the first woman veterinarian to take the International Veterinary Acupuncture Course in 1975-76.

To empower consumers, Dr. Roman has developed the Dr. DoMore Project. She’s partnered with documentary filmmaker Simone Hnilicka in establishing a nonprofit organization called the Center for Integrative Veterinary Health Care, whose mission is to produce educational films about integrative veterinary medicine. Together, the pair travels the world filming veterinarians and health professionals about the topics of medicine and healing. With over 850 hours of footage, they have produced two editions of the Dr. DoMore preview and received over 3,000,000 hits from the first release.

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