Robert Singer asks, Did you know there was a hurricane close to NYC on 9/11?

Former RMN agent Robert Singer, who last appeared on the show on July 19, discusses what he, Dr. Judy Wood, and others know about the 9/11 hurricane called Erin.

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  1. Dear Mr. Singer,

    I am extremely disappointed to hear you distorting facts by associating Dr. Wood’s conclusions with the non-evidence-supported claim that Nuclear Devices are what turned the towers to dust. To clarify something you should already be aware of:

    Dr. Judy Wood has collected an overwhelming amount of evidence which suggests that a Directed Energy Weapon of some kind was used to powderize (‘dustify’) the primary steel and concrete portions of the WTC buildings, while burning and bending aluminum, yet leaving paper and many other materials unharmed. These characteristics are matched by those of “The Hutchison Effect”, and are the result of “field effects” and energy interference. John Hutchison has filed an affidavit in Dr. Wood’s court case, to legally testify to the numerous similarities between The Hutchison Effect and the 9/11 attacks.

    In conclusion, please try to be more accurate about the conclusions of Dr. Wood. Nuclear devices do not account for the thousands of photos, graphs, videos, and documents she has gathered, nor do any type of explosives.

    Thanks for your time,


    Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez
    M2 Medical Student
    B.S. Biology / Neurobiology

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