Jim Marrs and Richard Hoagland discuss JFK’s assassination, Disclosure, 9/11, and more!

During hour 3, noted author and researcher Richard C. Hoagland joins Jim Marrs and Dr. Robin Falkov in discussing a broad range of conspiracy and cutting-edge topics.

A familiar voice on Radio RMN and other alternative news programs like Coast to Coast AM, Hoagland is a former NASA Consultant who served as Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite at CBS News during the Apollo moon missions.

Hoagland is renown for making ‘Face on Mars’ a familiar term to millions of households after the publication of his first book called “Monuments of Mars, A City On The Edge Of Forever.” His second book co-authored with Mike Bara was titled, “Dark Mission.”

At Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles next weekend, Richard Hoagland will be giving the keynote presentation on Sat. Oct. 16 from 4-5:30pm PDT. Tickets are $35 advance registration and $45 at the door.

On today’s broadcast, Hoagland shares his views about ET Disclosure and offers an alternative theory about the groups and motives that may have been responsible for President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 – a topic that he will be covering in more detail at next week’s expo in Los Angeles.

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