Independent sources tell Robin Falkov that the Gulf Coast is still unsafe and lives are at risk

Dr. Robin Falkov solicits testimonies about the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Crisis from Cara Fay, Nancy Lazaryan, John Hutchison, Captain Rex Levi, and Kimberly Wolf.

Cara Fay is a filmmaker and journalist who was last interviewed on the radio show on Sep. 28 to discuss the non-polluting energy produced by John Searl’s magnetic generator.

John Hutchison is a physicist who has been testing Gulf Coast water samples for Corexit and petrochemical contaminants released by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He is joined on the broadcast by his associate, Nancy Lazaryan.

Based in the Los Angeles area, Captain Rex Levi is an active volunteer with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Part of the society’s mission is to augment and support ongoing efforts to find, transport, and treat animals viable for rescue and mitigate harmful effects of the oil on the ocean ecosystem. Levi also serves on the board of a nonprofit called Oceans Defenders Alliance that is committed to protecting Southern California’s rocky reef and seabed ecosystems from dangerous man-made objects.

Kimberly Wolf is a New Orleans activist who shares her personal knowledge about the damage and debilitating illnesses caused by the Gulf Coast oil spill. Click here to listen to an excerpt from her last appearance on the radio show on Sep. 23.

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  1. John Hutchison’s Frequency Experiment in Gulf of Mexico, Lab Results In!
    Posted By: hobie
    Date: Wednesday, 27-Oct-2010 23:52:50

    CONTROL SAMPLE = 10/18 OIL & GREASE = 7ppm
    TREATED SAMPLE = 10/22 OIL & GREASE = < ZERO ppm! Indeed this could be deemed a miracle, but from the hard work and efforts and love of Mother Earth and her living beings from scientist John Hutchison and his partner Nancy Lazaryan, it has been possible. The Gulf residents may finally have HOPE for turning their Gulf back and restore it to a healthy body as it once was.

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