Gina Jones: Use The Cards of Life to know when you will encounter health challenges

Gina E. Jones is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and former talk show host who shares with Dr. Robin Falkov how The Cards of Life help people improve personal relationships and face health issues.

From The Cards of Life website:

The Cards of Life reveal your life’s script—past, present and future! They contain the record of your entire life from birth till death. Each of the 53 (52 plus the Joker) playing cards represents a day in the year; therefore, your birthday reveals your personality, what your talents are, what type of work will bring the most satisfaction, how you interact with others, who your most significant relationships will be with, what your biggest challenges are and how you’ll get the most from your life. When you know your cards, you can:

• Align perfectly with your soul’s divine plan
• Discover how to enrich your life in every way — personally, professionally and spiritually
• Find out when you will have love in your life and with whom
• Know when you are going to make a lot of money
• Learn what your natural strengths, abilities and gifts are
• Understand who you are and why you are here

During today’s broadcast, Gina shares various aspects of this ancient system and how it can determine — from just knowing your birthdate — your overall health and when specific health challenges are liable to arise! She also describes the reason why so many people, particularly celebrities, pass away during their fifty-second year of life.

For a special Valentine’s Day gift, purchase your very own Life Profile or Lover’s Report from The Cards of Life online store. Additional products and services available from the store include books and reports and personal consultations.

After listening to today’s show, you’ll never look at a regular deck of playing cards in the same way again!

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