Is the Pima Co. sheriff being honest about the Giffords shooting? Let’s ask Sharry Edwards

Topics include Pima Co. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, Julian Assange, Ben Bernanke, phosgene & forced abortions. What’s really behind the Tucson rampage? Who’s lying & who’s not?

Is there more to the story about the recent shooting incident in Tucson, AZ that involved the wounding of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords? Doth the sheriff protest too much? Was Judge Roll really the target?

What is the Fed’s real motivation for printing gobs of money without backing of gold in the vaults? How can you protect yourself against phosgene poisoning? Why have so many people become allergic to eating foods made of wheat, eggs, and milk (hint: it’s vaccine-related)? Should Wikileaks founder Julian Assange be hailed as a hero or traitor? Tune in as we explore the world of hidden agendas and secret intentions.

Under Sharry Edwards’ leadership, the Sound Health Research Institute develops software such as the free NanoVoice program that provides practical solutions for the average person to monitor and maintain their own health, leaving little need for the healthcare system that is vigorously promoted as our only option.

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