Reverse Speech expert David Oates reveals the hidden messages of the global elite

Voices don’t lie. While Sharry Edwards analyzes vocal frequencies to decipher truth, her guest, David Oates, uncovers unconscious thought using reverse speech.

David John Oates is an Australian who pioneeered the concept of human speech reversal analysis in 1983. Oates has appeared on numerous radio programs and has written several books on the subject, including “Beyond Backward Masking,” “Voices From The Unconscious,” and “It’s Only A Metaphor.” He also sells reverse speech software and a home study course that are available from his website.

Oates’ reverse speech work compliments Edwards’ vocal profiling expertise, and during the broadcast, he agreed to appear as her Monday guest a couple of times a month. On today’s program, Oates places Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George H. W. Bush under his reverse speech microscope.

Listeners in the U.S. and Canada are invited to speak with David Oates directly or arrange session work by calling this special phone number:

(760) 666-5186

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