Who was Joseph of Arimathea? Let’s ask RMN Agent Bob Kenter

RMN Agent Bob Kenter opens a proverbial hornet’s nest as he explains how the Druids could actually be the Davidic line and Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus’ father.

What’s in a name? Plenty! As related by Kenter, Scotland was once called Albania and Ireland was previously known as Scotia. Moreover, Capital A’s and R’s look alike in some forms of writing and U’s are sometimes written as V’s, so the Druids and their high priests could actually have been referring to the Davidic line. Moreover, Arimathea is actually an amalgamation of Hebrew and Greek.

During today’s show, Kenter refers to an extensive compendium that can be found on Frank O’Collins’ website called One-Ireland.org that is dedicated to the peaceful unification of Ireland.

RMNews Agent Bob Will Be my Guest
Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tuesday, 1-Mar-2011 13:21:26

RMNews Agent Bob has posted some of the most controversial articles that have appeared on RMN in years!! To me, they are some of the most amazing and interesting articles I have read in years.

Sample posts

King Tut’s DNA is 99% Western European!
Bob — Monday, 28-Feb-2011 02:28:24

Reader Helen from Ireland writes – – – “thank you and blessings from eire, i am gobsmacked and yet . . . . ”
Bob — Sunday, 27-Feb-2011 16:14:56

Reader writes: “Who was the ‘father’ of Jesus?” His Bible says: ‘Jesus, Son of David’. Yes, mine too!
Bob — Sunday, 27-Feb-2011 11:39:16

Reader: “Bob, I’ve read some of your posts at RMN and I must say that this one is the last …. you have a lot of gall”
Bob — Sunday, 27-Feb-2011 09:08:37

Joseph, (with Mary and the 3-year old Jesus), is forced to return to Glastonbury in Britannii – staying another 9 years!
Bob — Sunday, 27-Feb-2011 03:14:34

“For the wisdom I fear most, is the truth of a child”….. Joseph the father of Jesus was more than a humble ‘carpenter’
Bob — Saturday, 26-Feb-2011 23:45:57

Another fascinating STORY regarding Joseph (ha rama theo) of Arimathea, father of Jesus and, the Druidic high priests
Bob — Saturday, 26-Feb-2011 19:23:19

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