By popular demand, David Sale returns to answer more questions about the OITC

In the aftermath of his immensely popular radio show appearance on Apr. 7, OITC Administrator David Sale shines the spotlight on the global conspirators, their victims, and the historical events (e.g., Bretton Woods, JFK’s assassination, Nixon’s closing of the gold window, Iran-Contra) that altered the course of history.

David Sale shares his unique knowledge and perspective about the following individuals and their connection to the OITC collateral account that has been fraudulently misused for personal and private gain: Neil Keenan, Dr. R.C. Dam, Yamaguchi and Watanabe, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Oliver North, Leo Wanta, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Former Indonesian President Sukarno, Richard Nixon, and Muammar Gaddafi.


Posted By: watcher51445 (aka RMNews Agent V.K. Durham)
Trah Majapahit Journal
Date: Tuesday, 7-Apr-2009 17:32:21

In Response To: DEAR BEN: Bush/Clinton/Rothschild would probably kill each other if they had the chance. (watcher51445)

Above post includes reference to a 1963 treaty called the Green Hilton Agreement (formal name: Agreement Green Hilton Memorial Building Geneve and Certificate of Geneve) that is discussed on today’s show and was allegedly signed by Presidents Kennedy and Sukarno 10 days prior to JFK’s assassination.

David Sale Has Agreed to Come Back on the Radio Tomorrow to Answer Your Questions
Posted By: Rayelan
RMNews Reading Room
Date: Monday, 11-Apr-2011 12:16:54

I have known about the plan to return the treasures and national treasuries to their rightful owners for over 20 years. As you know, I was involved in transferring part of the gold that was hidden in the Philippines back to Austria.

The collateral accounts have specific owners… NOT one man or woman… but Sovereign Nations made up of Sovereign People. People… who by the fact that they are born on earth have certain rights… food, shelter, clothing and instruments to protect themselves from the elements and/or predators.

Planet earth was NEVER meant to be a slave planet. It was meant to be a planet where individual souls could learn the lessons of self empowerment, self determination, and more.

Living the way we do in economic slave states where the airwaves numb many into a somnambulistic trance, does not give humans a chance to study the lessons they came to earth to study.

We are NOT just fighting a battle with other humans, we are fighting a spiritual battle with out of body demons who can and do everything they can to fool you into thinking they are messengers of the one true GOD.

The most important thing you can do is get RIGHT with our Creator. Remember, it is our CREATOR who endowed you with the rights of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!

What is the pursuit of happiness? It started out being the right to own property… but being worded the way it is… it means that YOU can choose to become anything YOU want to become here in the United States… and soon the entire WORLD!! (Once we win this current round).

God gave you Life and Liberty. Along with LIFE… comes the necessary things that you need to preserve your life… food, shelter, clothing and instruments to protect yourself. These are the things that modern society has taken away from us… and have NOT replaced.

When we were living in caves and grass huts… we had all the food and shelter we needed. Then along came the demented royals who claimed all the land as their own and forbade the peasants from hunting, growing a garden, cutting trees for a house…

Doesn’t it sound a lot like what is happening in the United States right now. We can’t hunt without a permit. The Congresswoman from Connecticut wants to ban private gardens and many areas are passing laws against cutting trees… EVEN if you OWN the land.

The Powers that Be want to return us to a quasi royal fiefdom… this time the royals won’t be called King or Queen… they will be called by some name that we don’t know yet… some combination of Der Fuhrer or Commissar… or maybe just President-for-Life!! Whatever they call themselves, they will call us… PEASANTS.

These are my thoughts… I don’t speak for David Sale… but I will bet that he and David Crayford won’t find much in what I have written to differ about.


E-mail from Whistleblower (David Crayford):

As of 1st April 2010 our new Email Addresses for Persons, Corporations, Government, Institutions, and all others wishing to contact us, are as follows:

For Enquiries of a General Nature, please use the following Email Address.

For Enquiries relating to Financing scenarios, please use the following Email Address.

For Communications to our Chairman, please use the following Email Address.

For Communications from Governments and Sovereign Nations, please use the following Email Address.

For Questions or Comments, please use the following Email Address.

For queries reference to difficulties in accessing our two Websites or difficulties in communicating with us, please use the following Email Address.

For those who have a need or requirement to communicate with us, please ensure you use / quote / print or otherwise, the above addresses exactly as they are shown.

We thank everyone concerned for their patience during the last 3 months and the circumstances that were placed upon us during the latter part of December 2010.

The new system has allowed us to extend our communication methods in a totally secure and encrypted manner, whereas the former system, as is now known, was not as secure as it appeared to be and was under constant cyber attack, especially during the last 9 months.

Thanking everyone once again.


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