Lynn McTaggart: A simple paradigm shift will restore our interconnectedness

Challenging the scientific mindset, author Lynn McTaggart cites references in her new book, The Bond, in explaining how we are all connected to each other through a field of matter.

Book Review
Lynne McTaggart delivers once again. Just as she has in her previous books “The Field”, “The Intention Experiment”, and “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”, McTaggart presents readers with a collection of research results that challenge the current scientific paradigms and offers simple solutions for finding ways to create and reestablish the bond between all of us.

In “The Bond”, McTaggart provides easy access to and understanding of a vast array of scientific studies including quantum and particle physics, epigenetics, solar and geomagnetic influences on humans and animals, the human experiences of empathy, fairness, and altruism, close-knit communities vs. isolation, and Eastern vs. Western visual perception and how all of these play into the space between us which connects us all.

The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us

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