John Edmonds shares how the deadly sandstorm affected his ranch in Arizona

On July 5 a powerful sandstorm (aka haboob) struck Phoenix and many surrounding areas. Damage to our guest’s barn, roof, water system, and fencing was extensive. One of his prized mares was seriously injured by the storm. Fortunately, she is expected to recover.

Phoenix Dust Storm a “100-Year Event”
By Heather Buchman, Meteorologist
Jul 8, 2011; 7:32 PM ET

John Edmonds provides a loving home for abandoned dogs and horses via his tax-deductible 501(c)3 chartered organization called Hopeful Hooves, Inc. that is located in Rainbow Valley, AZ. He is always looking for volunteer help at the ranch and can be reached by phone at (623) 386-7328.

Check out Hopeful Hooves’ webpages on Facebook and Twitter!

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Edmonds’ last radio appearance on June 17.

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