John Trallo tells how his peaceful life in the country has been destroyed by fracking

As part of her ongoing series on hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking), Dr. Robin Falkov interviews John Trallo about the underhanded ways that natural gas operators use to poison the environment and destroy the serenity of his mountain community.

Comments by John Trallo
“I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. In 1979, I moved to NJ to get away from the constant industrial ‘buzz,’ the pollution, the traffic, and the crime that was part of living in an industrial area…”

“In 1998, I lost my wife to cancer. She was only 42. So, in 2002, I decided it would be best for my children and myself if we could rebuild our lives someplace peaceful, pristine, and far removed from the industrial ‘buzz‘ I grew up with. For us, that place was the Endless Mountains of Sullivan County in Northeast PA. I wanted to give my children the chance to grow up in a healthier, cleaner, and safer environment than I did. Plain and simple.”

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