Let’s ask Richard C. Hoagland about Hurricane Irene, the Virginia quake, and Elenin

A 5.8 quake occurs in Virginia while a monster hurricane threatens the U.S. East Coast. Natural events or HAARP-related? Dr. Robin Falkov and Richard C. Hoagland share their views.

HAARP, Hurricane Irene and the DC Earthquake …Connected?
Truth Is Treason
Aug. 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene Becomes Dangerous Major Hurricane, ‘Potential To Be Worst In Memory’
Alexander Higgins
The Intel Hub
Aug. 24, 2011

H.R. 2995: Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005

Home page for the Weather Modification program administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Awake and Aware 2011, a Project Camelot Conference
Irvine Hilton, Irvine, CA
Sep. 23-25, 2011
Presenters include David Wilcock, Sean David Morton, Graham Hancock, Nassim Haramein, Duncan O’Finioan, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, and Richard C. Hoagland

Richard’s website: EnterpriseMission.com

Dr. Robin Falkov’s website: HealthFreedomRights.com

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