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Weather modification is REAL and has been going on for DECADES

Multi-year droughts. Destructive tornadoes and typhoons. Floods called thousand-year events. Contrary to popular belief, the blame for such weather catastrophes should not be directed at carbon dioxide, which the human body exhales by design and makes up a mere 1% of the earth’s atmosphere.

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The Technocrats Examine Their Handiwork

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

The Banker asked, “Is it time?” Safely perched in their underground bunker enclosed in state-of-the-art materials that provided full protection from extreme temperatures, moisture, and radiation, the Group of Globalists stepped back from the various monitors that continuously displayed a panoramic view of the earth’s surface. Nearly all life forms that had been in existence just 10 years prior had been wiped out by wars, floods, fires, earthquakes, disease, and radioactive fallout.

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Dane Wigington alerts listeners about the geoengineering of our weather

Dane Wigington, a featured speaker at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference, shares his views about meteorological manipulation and geoengineering.

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Let’s ask Richard C. Hoagland about Hurricane Irene, the Virginia quake, and Elenin

A 5.8 quake occurs in Virginia while a monster hurricane threatens the U.S. East Coast. Natural events or HAARP-related? Dr. Robin Falkov and Richard C. Hoagland share their views.

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August Dunning connects the dots between HAARP and chemtrails

A Constitutionalist and direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin, August Dunning serves as Chief Science Officer for Eco Organics, whose mission is to vastly improve human and animal health by re-mineralizing depleted soil to increase the nutrient density in food.

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