David Lincoln explains how we are being exposed to lead in so many ways

Lead in the bloodstream may cause violent behavior and multiple sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Products containing lead include jewelry, house paints, and mini-blinds made overseas.

David Lincoln is a geologist, environmental consultant, and author of a book called “Deep Horizons Exposed” who jumped off the corporate ladder and changed careers after he saw how Enron was being operated for the benefit of a select few. He maintains a website called WereYouPoisoned.com.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of David Lincoln’s Oct. 11 appearance on the radio show.

Lead and multiple sclerosis
The Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners

Lead in Jewelry
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Lead has often been used in jewelry, to make the article heavier, brighten colors, and to stabilize or soften plastic. However, lead can be dangerous, even deadly when used in jewelry.

Lead Exposure In Children Affects Brain And Behavior
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiarty
No. 45; Updated November 2004

Lead smelter in Herculaneum, MO set to close in 2013
Oct. 9, 2010

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
Lead-Free Kids for a Healthy Future
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Oct. 23-29, 2011
• Children under age 6 are most at risk for lead poisoning.
• Prevent lead poisoning. Get your home tested. Get your child tested. Get the facts!
• Was your house painted before 1978? Protect your family from lead exposure.
• Remodeling the home? Renovate right with lead-safe work practices.

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