Mac and Nathan MacPherson tell how they've consistently beaten the IRS in the courtroom

Most folks fear the IRS. Not the father-and-son legal team known as the Courtroom Commandos. Their clients have won some amazing court cases.

The MacPherson Group is an Arizona Professional Corporation led by attorney and former Green Beret Officer, Donald W. (Mac) MacPherson, who contracts with experienced independent contractor attorneys nation-wide. His son, Nathan MacPherson, is licensed to practice law in both England and Germany and is a fluent German speaker.

Their client list includes:
• An Arizona businessman who discharged over $150,000 in income tax debts while in bankruptcy!
• An Arkansas woman who was found innocent of criminal charges after not filing a tax return for 18 years!
• A Texas housewife who defeated obstruction of justice charges by the IRS!
• A Boston businessman who saved over $100,000 in tax fraud penalties!

Phone Contact Info
(800) 232-8477
(623) 209-2003

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