Sharry Edwards: Protect yourself from the eugenics agenda of the vaccine makers

Sharry Edwards returns to discuss the proactive steps that can be taken to oppose and offset the insidious efforts of Gardasil and other vaccine manufacturers.

Disease Mongering Debate: Do drug companies create diseases to sell medicine?
Drug companies are convincing us we’re sick and then selling us the cure. Pretty bad, huh? Well, critics say it’s true.

Vaccine Wake Up Call for Parents: Your Children Are Being Taken
by Barbara Loe Fisher
Sep. 6, 2011

Exposed: Illinois law financially penalizes public schools when vaccination rates drop below 90 percent
by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Oct. 20, 2011

CA bill lets minors seek HPV vaccine
Uploaded by CNN on Oct 10, 2011

About Sharry Edwards
Sharry Edwards is the founder and leader of a unique alternative research institute that uses the math matrix of the voice to accurately ascertain what’s really true. She believes the techniques of Vocal Profiling will elevate the planet as it changes the face of medicine and opens society‚Äôs mindset to the ideal. In other words, she feels this technology is capable of providing the TRUTH that can set each one of us free.

Under Sharry’s leadership, the Sound Health Research Institute develops software such as the free NanoVoice program that provides practical solutions for the average person to monitor and maintain their own health, leaving little need for the healthcare system that is vigorously promoted as our only option.

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