Jerry Day expounds the power of YouTube to overturn lies and express ideas

Three years ago, a YouTube video called Media Caught Lying went viral. It exposed the media’s bias and lies in their coverage of Ron Paul’s bid for the Presidency.

Jerry Day has been directing and producing films for the entertainment industry for over 30 years. He runs a full service video and media production firm called Jerry Day Productions in Burbank, California. For beginners new to video production, he offers a DVD tutorial for sale called Light Like a Pro.

Media Caught Lying, Version2
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Jerry’s YouTube video on the nefarious aspects of Smart Meter technology that is being rolled out worldwide has generated over 1 million views in less than 4 months.

Smart Meters
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For further information about Smart Meters, check out our Dec. 14, 2010 podcast with Deborah Tavares.


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  1. Jerry Day, a media expert and producer from Burbank California, whose video “Spy Meters” skyrocketed to 1.4 million views has just released a new video called, “Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter”. In this video Jerry details with clarity and humor how to take back your power, by replacing the wireless meter with the analog meter. He says, “Will the power company like you replacing their meter? Well, if the only way they can be happy is to try to give you a meter that pollutes your home with carcinogenic electrotoxins and violates federal wiretapping laws, I guess they won’t be happy because a lot of people are not going to sit still for that.” He directs people to, where you can buy a kit that includes the analog meter, and a legal letter to send to the utility.

    “Today, it may seem radical to refuse or reject a Smart Meter on your home. Soon, most of us will have difficulty understanding how a program as unwise and offensive as the Smart Meter program could have been contemplated in the first place.” Jerry Day, Burbank CA.

    Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter
    Uploaded by minivanjack on Dec 4, 2011
    This video demonstrates a way to protect your home from EMF pollution and unlawful surveillance.

  2. Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters
    Uploaded by minivanjack on Feb 16, 2012
    Do not sucker for costly “Opt-Out” programs. IT’S EXTORTION!
    Utility companies have blind-sided their customers with digital meters that are harmful, dangerous, invasive and unlawful. Here are some ways for utility customers to protect themselves.

    By: Devvy
    September 22, 2013
    Here in Texas we are energy independent but ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is pushing hard to get Texas onto the ‘smart’ grid. Here’s the propaganda. The ‘smart’ grid fed by those dangerous ‘smart’ meters is to eventually control how much power you and I will be able to use in our homes. You won’t have a choice because the power companies can flip a switch and control your heat, A/C and appliances. That’s what those sensors built into all new appliances are for. It’s all coming if we don’t say no and fight back. We’re being run into the ground with unpayable debt to fund our own destruction.

  4. The Power Hour Radio Show with Joyce Riley
    March 10, 2016 (hour 2)
    JERRY DAY joins to discuss social security numbers, do we really need them and how do we gradually remove ourselves from the system. Jerry is an Emmy-Winning Television Media Producer and a well-known freedom and rights activist. His Youtube channel has millions of views on topics such as census privacy invasion, unlawful and unsafe utility company metering, and economic and political issues that affect our freedoms and rights every day and everywhere.

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