Kacper Postawski offers recipes for becoming holistically self-sufficient

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster interviews South American entrepreneur Kacper Postawski about his webinars and ideas for living sustainably and in harmony with life.

On today’s program, Kacper mentions the advantages of dome homes and refers to the Tesla-inspired, free energy devices developed by John Searl, who was a previous guest on RadioRMN on Sep. 30, 2010.

Dome Houses
Sold by Timberline Geodesics.

The SearlSolution
Learn why the (Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is the global energy solution and the future paradigm shift.

Kacper Postawski Companies
Lighting The Way Back To Freedom

Secrets to Growing Tomatoes
Hello my name is Kacper Postawski, when I was just 17 years old, I quit my last “job”, and vowed to never work for anyone again, and instead, spend my time writing, being creative, and building online businesses that truly help people and the global community.

Secret Water Webinar…Confidential
Greetings from Matt Monarch
“My friend Kacper Postawski creates a ton of webinars on sustainability, gardening, and food preparedness.”

The efficacy of using black mica to remove toxins in water near the damaged nuclear plants in Fukushima and elsewhere is discussed on today’s show. Below is a video about one such product that is sold in the U.S. called Mica Miracle.


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  1. Adya Clarity is a water purification product heavily promoted by Kacper Postawski that was recently subject to a massive recall by its major distributor.

    *Urgent* Adya Clarity Webinars!
    by Living Bliss on Oct 17, 2011
    “Many of you have seen in the past month the new Kacper Postawski webinar (you must log in to see it) on Adya Clarity water purification supplement that went VIRAL and caused people all over the planet to stock up on Adya Clarity.”

    Adya Clarity’s top distributor issues full apology, product recall
    Monday, October 31, 2011
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Editor of NaturalNews.com
    (NaturalNews) Following days of shocking disclosures about the misleading labeling, fraudulent marketing and profiteering of a product called Adya Clarity, the product’s top distributor in North America, Raw Food World (Matt Monarch), has stepped forward to issue a full apology and a complete product recall.

  2. Sent in by our radio guest, Kacper Postawski:

    My friend Mike Dillard recently went to visit New York on a mission to get into the crows of “Occupy Wall Street”, and find out the truth of what what’s going on, I highly recommend reading it:


    Mike paints an interesting picture and and gives a very fresh perspective on everything

    PS. If you missed Mike’s recent webinar which is changing the lives of thousands of people, please go watch it here:


    Mike is a financial genius who’s helping ordinary people create immense wealth during the current economic crisis. If you don’t know this information you will have your life-savings (or any hopes of retirement) burned and served to you on a silver
    platter, check out his blog post above, and then the webinar.

    Kacper Postawski Companies

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