Carolyn Rose Goyda and Daniel Fink offer words of hope on the global Occupy Movements

For far too long, the elite controllers have successfully ruled the masses by employing the divide-and-conquer strategy. We know their game and we can defeat them.

Based in New York City, Daniel Fink is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine who specializes in trigger point therapy and electroacupuncture.

Carolyn Rose Goyda was the original producer and writer for the Veritas radio show and also worked as contributing news-hound and writer for OutThereTV. In 1986, she was part of the US-USSR Soviet American Women Political Cultural Exchange who was present when the Chernobyl disaster happened.

Background Info
Carolyn Rose Goyda’s Facebook account
Carolyn Rose Goyda, as posted on the Living Legacy Journal

Dr. Robin Falkov’s photos of OWS on Facebook

Occupy Together Meetups
As of Oct. 28, 2011, there were 2365 Occupy Together communities worldwide.


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2 Responses to Carolyn Rose Goyda and Daniel Fink offer words of hope on the global Occupy Movements

  1. Black Bloc Provocateurs Vandalize Property During Occupy Oakland’s General Strike
    Russia Today
    Uploaded by FederalJacktube6 on Nov 3, 2011

    This clearly shows the black-hooded police and FBI infiltrators trying to vandalize a building in front of the media cameras and the Occupy protesters clearly trying to prevent the violence.

  2. Occupy Seattle: Arrest Made while Protester Stands-off with Police
    Uploaded by CyberDurden on Nov 3, 2011

    This happened last night as protesters surrounded the Sheridan hotel where Chase Bank CEO, Jamie Dimon, was giving a speech.

    **note** The woman in yellow — being attacked — is an Occupy Seattle MEDIC. She was chasing after the member the cops were pursuing while holding a bottle of diluted Malox to protect the Occupy Seattle member from mace / pepper spray.

    **also** There is someone yelling, “that guy is a cop.” I’m not sure if the voice was referring to an infiltrator.

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