Marie Christine Polymenacou analyzes the Greek crisis and tear gas attack on Scott Olsen

What do Greeks think of the recent debt settlement? Why do they refer to the German Chancellor as Adolf Merkel? Marie Christine Polymenacou offers her input.

Dr. Robin Falkov solicits the latest “boots on the ground” report of the tense situation in Greece from fashion editor, Marie Christine Polymenacou.

During the second half hour of the interview (available to subscribing members), Robin talks not only with Maria Christine but also with Tom Krohmer about the recent tear gas incident that rocked the Occupy Oakland demonstrations and severely injured Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Marie Christine’s Oct. 21 appearance on the radio show.

Tom Krohmer is popularly known as the “Toxic Reverend” who is a Northern California Environmental Technologist and Social Activist. His interests lie in the effects of the environment and toxic chemicals on human health as well as non-lethal biological weapons and chronic illnesses.

Greek Anger on Debt Agreement Is Focused Especially on Germany
The New York Times
Oct. 28, 2011

Photo from #OWS Oakland. These are not rubber bullets based on my experience in Israel/Palestine
Joseph Dana
October 26, 2011

We Are All Scott Olsen—United to Live and Not to Be Ruled
Posted by Michael Leon
Veterans News Now
October 26th, 2011


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9 Responses to Marie Christine Polymenacou analyzes the Greek crisis and tear gas attack on Scott Olsen

  1. The Incurable European Mess
    by Jim Sinclair
    Nov. 1, 2011

    MF Global got busted because credit default swaps did not work. MF Global had their Greek and Euro bond position covered by credit default swaps that they thought would protect them. SURPRISE!

    They did not work because the Greek situation of a 50% haircut was given another name than “default” by a select group of Banksters and related parties.

  2. Dow Falls Almost 300 as Eurozone Flares Up Again
    Nov. 1, 2011

    Stocks began November deep in the red Tuesday as Greece’s surprise call for a referendum on its eurozone bailout package stoked new fears that the country could sink into default.

  3. Greece Has No Good Options Left
    By John Hudson | The Atlantic Wire
    Reposted on Yahoo! News
    Nov. 2, 2011

  4. Greek PM scraps referendum on Greek debt plan
    Associated Press – Yahoo! News
    Nov. 3, 2011

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