Joni Dahlstrom and John Heuer share views about the Tea Party and Occupy Movements

Are the political goals and objectives of the (original) Tea Party and Occupy Movements really different? Or is this a common misperception pushed by the media?

Now retired from his faculty duties at the University of North Carolina, John Heuer is fully involved in the Occupy Movement as an anti-war and social justice activist who performs and writes music in his spare time.

The former wife of a Brit who was heir to a large gambling fortune, Joni Dahlstrom traveled the world extensively and hobnobbed with royalty. Later, she served as Regent for the National Federation of Republican Women. Employed as a web designer and public relations specialist, Dahlstrom came up with the idea of starting the Tea Party in Arizona and set up an organization that helps local residents learn how to take back control of what they eat.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Joni Dahlstrom’s Oct. 18 appearance on the radio show.

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