Julie Levine shares her personal experience as an Occupy LA activist

Raised in South America where she saw the impact of U.S. foreign policy, Julie Levine is a social worker and political activist who services low-income families.

A field instructor for the USC School of Social Work, Julie Levine is one of the leaders of the Topanga Peace Alliance and the Martin Luther King Coalition for Jobs, Justice and Peace.

Her involvement with Occupy LA began on Sep. 26 when she joined the organizers at a meeting held after the protest at the House of Blues. She has spent time at Occupy Freedom Plaza, Occupy DC, and Occupy New Orleans and plans to participate at Occupy SF and Occupy Oakland on Saturday.

Contact Julie via email.

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#OWS Occupy LA taking downtown
Uploaded by OccupyLAnow on Nov 15, 2011
In response to Occupy Wall Street being raided, Occupy Los Angeles takes to the streets.

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