Bob Dobbs, aka Bob Dean, offers his provocative views of the state of the world

Tune in to find out who Bob Dobbs/Dean/Neveritt is and why he puts more faith in a mystic named iON than in radio guest Cosmic Awareness (aka Will Berlinghof).

Bob Dobbs appeared on Radio RMN with financial consultant James Martinez under the assumed name of Bob Neveritt on Apr. 24, 2009 and May 1, 2009.

Cast Iron Chaos: Bob Dean
Dean himself points out that he has been using yet another moniker called “Bob Neveritt.” Under this surname, he’s made a couple of guest appearances on an Internet podcasting site, Cash Flow with James Martinez. The guy who manages this podcast, James Martinez, is a self-proclaimed financial specialist who specializes in debt reduction and banking conspiracy theories.

Dean has been busy working with his wife, Carolyn Dean, on a major pet project of hers: they are planning to take part in the opening of a “5-star” resort “medical spa” in Costa Rica called the VidaCosta Media-Plex. According to its Web site, this facility will “house a 100-seat screening room and full recording studio designed by the award-winning producer/engineer, David Newfeld. It will feature a multimedia broadcasting center for medical and related topics under the direction of Robert Dean, Archivist for the McLuhan Center for Global Communications.”

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