Stephen Conklin and John Edmonds share how society can reverse its present course

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Stephen Conklin and John Edmonds, who share common values and offer much-needed services that support human and animal life.

Info on John Edmonds
John Edmonds provides a loving home for abandoned dogs and horses via his tax-deductible 501(c)3 chartered organization called Hopeful Hooves, Inc. that is located in Rainbow Valley, AZ. He is always looking for volunteer help at the ranch and can be reached by phone at (623) 386-7328.

Check out Hopeful Hooves’ webpages on Facebook and Twitter!

Click here to listen to an excerpt of John Edmonds’ last radio appearance on Dec. 16, 2011.

The price of hay has skyrocketed over the past year! Please support John’s work with your generous donation at this most critical time. Click here for the email address to send your PayPal donation.

Info on Stephen Conklin and Satori Farm
Started by Stephen Conklin’s father, Satori Farm offers valuable programs for inner-city youth and feeds and clothes those in need. All earned profits are donated to charitable causes.

Despite affidavits from two reputable sources that the case involves the blatant use of fraudulent documents and that the Conklins have not been given a fair hearing, they are on the verge of being evicted from their home and property as a result of the positions and actions taken by the presiding judge (Robert D. Mariani) and EMC Mortgage, via its legal representative, Grenen & Birsic.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of last week’s broadcast featuring Stephen Conklin.

Conklin breathes skeptical sigh of relief as Mariani puts off eviction catastrophe by granting TRO for two more weeks
Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network
Jan. 5, 2012

URGENT: Help Save Satori Farm NOW!
Occupy Harrisburg
Posted on January 2, 2012

Satori Farm Spiritual Retreat – How You Can Help

Please call and fax Judge Robert D. Mariani. Share this info with everyone on your contact list.
Judge Robert D. Mariani
Phone (570) 207-5750
Fax: (570) 207-5759

If you don’t have access to a fax machine, use a free online fax service like FaxZero (limit: 5 free faxes per day).

You are encouraged to personalize this sample letter in your fax submission:

Dear Judge Robert D. Mariani:

I’m writing you in support of Stephen Conklin Sr., his 84 year old father, and his family. I am requesting a Temporary Restraining Order and give Mr. Conklin a fair trial.

You were generous enough to grant a 2 week Temporary Restraining Order until January 18th, but this family still has not had a fair trial and on January 18th or perhaps even sooner, they could still face an unlawful eviction. The case number is 1:10-CV-2501

It’s a shame that this veteran, who fought in WWII to defend the American Dream, is having it stolen from him with fraudulent documents from several banks. Lynn Szymoniak verified the fraud. Judge Mary Frank said this case is bizarre and talks of collusion. Janus Handwriting Experts also found several flaws. Judge Arthur Schack of NY has thrown out cases with just a fraction of the fraud Mr. Conklin has discovered.

Thank You.

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