Sonia Barrett interviews Charlotte Iserbyt about the dumbing down of schoolchildren

The ability to control a society starts with education. Even if you home-school or send your children to charter schools, they may be subject to indoctrination.

Charlotte Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of Educational Research and Improvement during the first Reagan Administration. She is the author of the acclaimed book about the past 100 years of educational reform entitled, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.”

Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21
by Rosie Koire
This is the eBook that Charlotte Iserbyt mentioned on today’s radio show.

United States-Russian Merger: A Done Deal?
Charlotte Iserbyt
Oct. 16, 2003

No More Pencils, No More Books: A School of the Future Readies for Launch
A new high school in Chicago explores the possibilities of tech-centered learning.
By Sara Bernard

What Is Computer-Assisted Instruction?
The Access Center
“Computer-assisted instruction” refers to instruction or remediation presented on a computer.

‘Moscow Declaration’ Adopted by G-8 Education Ministers — Secretary Spellings Commits U.S.
Education Reporter – Eagle Forum
Incorporating Russian education initiatives, the Moscow Declaration was accepted on June 2, 2006 by the Education Ministers of The Group of Eight (G-8). The U.S. Department of Education explained that the joint declaration is to confirm G-8 member commitment to “cooperation in education at all levels in the 21st century.”

“The essence of education is, in the words of William James, to teach a person what deserves to be valued, to impart ideals as well as knowledge, to cultivate in students the ability to distinguish the true and good from their counterfeits and the wisdom to prefer the former to the latter.”
William J. Bennett, Choosing the Right College: The Whole Truth about America’s Top Schools

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    Why Schools Don’t Educate
    by John Taylor Gatto
    The Sun Magazine
    June 1990 | Issue 175

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