Walter Reddy talks about his campaign to restore the precepts of the U.S. Constitution

Walter Reddy discusses election fraud in South Carolina, Senator Rand Paul’s arrest for refusing TSA patdowns, and his efforts to restore our Constitutional rights.

As a young man in 1970, Walter Reddy collected petitions calling for a Constitutional amendment to give 18-year-olds the right to vote. An active supporter of Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign, Reddy founded the Committees of Safety organization on July 4, 2008, and serves on its board of advisors.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Dec. 28, 2011 interview with Walter Reddy.

Rand Paul’s Pat-Down Standoff With TSA in Nashville Ends
ABC News
Jan. 23, 2012

100% of South Carolina Votes Go Through SCYTL
By Bev Harris
Jan. 12, 2012
“In South Carolina, 100% of election results will be redirected through a private Barcelona, Spain-owned company, Scytl/SOE Software, before being reported to the public. There is only one way to immediately find out whether Scytl/SOE reported the right results, and that is for members of the public to capture evidence of reported precinct results when polls close…”

Al Gore encourages voters to dismiss Ron Paul as a ‘silly’ candidate
by Jeff Poor
The Daily Caller
Jan. 4, 2012

Ron Paul Dominates Fox’s Twitter Survey Of The SC FOX News Debate
Uploaded by SaveOurSovereignty3 on Jan 16, 2012

ALERT: Patriot Raided by SWAT Under Patriot Act
Uploaded by lonelantern on Mar 14, 2011
Walter Reddy, founder of Committees of Safety, joins Gary Franchi for a special report to recount the recent SWAT Team raid on his home.

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