Nathan MacPherson offers options for homeowners with underwater mortgages

Threatened by foreclosure and stymied by the court system? Tune in as Nathan MacPherson outlines how to attain relief while starting anew toward a bright future.

The MacPherson Group is an Arizona Professional Corporation led by attorney and former Green Beret Officer, Donald W. (Mac) MacPherson, who contracts with experienced independent contractor attorneys nation-wide. His son, Nathan MacPherson, is licensed to practice law in both England and Germany and has successfully taken on the IRS in court. Nathan is now using his commando experience and legal expertise to tackle the crimes associated with banking, MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems), and mortgage securities.

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(800) 232-8477
(623) 209-2003
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Click here to listen to an excerpt of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Oct. 18, 2011 interview with Mac and Nathan MacPherson.

19th Annual Southwest Bankruptcy Conference
Four Seasons Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
Sep. 8-10, 2011
An outstanding faculty of judges, academics and industry professionals present[ed] workshops on a variety of topics, which include[d] four tracks of concurrent programming. These tracks include Consumer, Professional Development, Financial Advisors and Chapter 11.

“Robo-signing” of mortgages still a problem
CBS News
Jul. 18, 2011

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