Dr. John Virapen continues to expose Big Pharma’s criminal mandate

Sonia Barrett interviews Dr. John Virapen, a whistleblower and Big Pharma insider who knows the industry corruption and insidious effects drugs have on society.

In Dr. Virapen’s own words: “Pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick. They want to make them think that they are sick. They increasingly target our children and they are killing them! And they do this for one reason: Money! Why do I know this? – I was a culprit myself.”

As General Manager of Eli Lilly and Company’s office in Sweden, Dr. Virapen was responsible for marketing several drugs – all of which caused adverse side effects in the patient.

His goal in publishing his exposé and doing interviews is to put an end to the bribery, corruption, and fraud engaged by Big Pharma and the government agencies that regulate them!

You can help Dr. Virapen immensely by reading his book and spreading the word via social networking forums like Facebook and Twitter. He is available for speaking engagements and offers free advice via subscription to his Pharma Newsletter.

He invites readers to send true stories about their over-the-counter drug experiences so he can compile and communicate the information to media outlets and government agencies. The world deserves to hear what you have to say!

Click here to go to Dr. Virapen’s website and learn more about his book, “Side Effects: Death – Confessions of a Pharma Insider,” and his work.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Robin Falkov’s July 1, 2010 interview with Dr. John Virpen.

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