Cyndi Steele discusses the evidence that wasn’t heard in her husband’s case

Cyndi Steele provides Radio RMN PM listeners with details about the trumped-up arrest and conviction of her husband, who is serving time in a California jail.

Edgar J. Steele is an attorney who’s written numerous articles that have been published on his website,, and reposted in the RMN Reading Room. His politically incorrect views and legal defense of Aryan Nations founder (Pastor Richard G. Butler) placed him squarely in the crosshairs of the Anti-Defamation League.

Free Edgar Steele!
Dedicated to the life, work, and welfare of Edgar J. Steele, Northwest White Nationalist author and internet broadcaster, now in prison on the word of a paid informant in a case that reeks of government fabrication

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Cyndi Steele’s appearance on the radio show on Jan. 19.

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