Dr. Fernando Bassail updates listeners about his clinic’s cancer therapy

Dr. Robin Falkov confers with Dr. Fernando Bassail to discuss the life-saving treatments that are offered at clinics in El Salvador and Orange County, CA.

Led by Fernando Bassail, M.D. (who now lives in Los Angeles) and Oncologist Cesar Bertacchini, M.D., Hospital Diagnostico has been El Salvador’s most prestigious private medical center since 1977.

Dr. Bertacchini has been successfully treating cancer patients for 25 years using homeopathic formulas originally developed during WWII in Germany that were later brought to South America.

Known by their trade names of Bryomyxol, Neobryxol, and Neobryomyxol, the formulas, which use classic homeopathic components and proprietary ingredients and processing techniques, achieve immune stimulation with NO toxicity and NO side effects. It is 100% natural.

Listed below are four, FDA-approved forms of Neobryxol (the USA Corporate name is Bryomed) that can be prescribed for immune stimulation, immunomodulation and cellular energizing:

1. Neobryxol Ultra sublingual
2. Neobryxol Forte oral spray
3. Neobryxol Onco spray
4. Neobryxol Neb to be used in a nebulizer, as a respiratory therapy delivery system.

Dr. Bassail is a frequent radio guest who last appeared on the radio show on May 12, 2011.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 (714) 785-4473
Website: Bryomed – Complementary Cancer Treatment
Click here to contact Dr. Bassail by email.

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