Marie Christine Polymenacou shares her geopolitical report for May 4, 2012

Dr. Robin Falkov and Marie Christine Polymenacou discuss the European elections scheduled this weekend, the Emo kids who reside in Iraq and Myanmar, and CISPA.

Marie Christine graduated from Deree College with a B.A. in Marketing, Advertising and Consumer Behaviour. She has served as fashion editor for a number of well-known magazines, including Harper’s, Esquire, Status, and Mondo Uomo. Her language proficiencies include Greek, English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

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What will Europe’s election results mean for the troubled continent?
TheGuardian UK
May 4, 2012

An ‘Action Kit’ to Fight CISPA
May 1, 2012

Emo Kid – Types of Emo Kid
Emo kids are sad creatures of the dark. They are characterized by their dress sense and also how in touch they are with certain emotions (i.e. the negative ones). Typically emos wear lots of black and will most likely have dyed hair (mainly black or sometimes colourful streaks) and write music, lyrics, or poems about the trials and tribulations of their torturous lives.

Truth Check: Is Iraq Killing Hundreds of Emo Teens?
The Atlantic Wire
Mar. 10, 2012

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