Donna Andersen offers advice for dealing with a sociopathic relationship

Donna Andersen thought she married a successful businessman. Instead, she became his business and was left deep in debt. She also found out he was a bigamist.

Love Fraud is the intentional exploitation of an individual through manipulating emotions in a personal relationship.
-Donna Andersen

Experts estimate that 1 to 4 percent of the population are sociopaths. Most are not in jail. To teach people how to recognize and recover from sociopathic relationships, Donna Andersen launched a web site called and wrote a book called “Red Flags of Love Fraud.” Her website draws 50,000 unique visitors a month and her two Internet surveys on the subject have both drawn over 1,300 respondents.

* Why anyone is vulnerable – especially powerful women.
* How sociopaths use love bombing to seduce their targets.
* Why there’s no such thing as ‘just sex.’
* Three steps everyone can take to protect themselves from love fraud,

Think it couldn’t happen to you? Think again.

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