Robin Westmiller shares her personal story of guardianship abuse

Robin Westmiller tells how American families are victimized by guardianship abuse, exacerbated by a system that doesn’t protect the well-being of its seniors.

Robin Westmiller’s parents, Ruby and Regina Cohen, looked forward to retirement after spending their adult years taking care of business and raising a family. For years it was customary for Ruby to take a few weeks’ vacation in Florida while his wife stayed home. Then one day Ruby suffered a stroke which appeared to affect his thought processes. In March 2004, Ruby accepted an invitation from a niece to fly to Florida, despite his recent health setback and pleadings from Robin (who lives in California) and Regina not to travel.

After Ruby made his fateful decision, his wife would not see him for almost 2 years. What transpired is a travesty of the highest order, as Robin’s cousins convinced Ruby to file for divorce and turn over the running of his affairs to them. During this time, they prevented Ruby from seeing or speaking with Robin or his granddaughters while his wife (whose own health was fragile) was stuck in New York. As Ruby continued his downward spiral, he ended up confined to hospitals and nursing homes while the court-appointed guardian proceeded to drain his bank account. While Robin was finally able to rescue her father from her Florida relatives, guardians, and court system, her parents lost everything they had worked for their entire lives, including their house and a chance to live together. Robin’s book is her personal attempt to raise public awareness of this potential tragedy.

Blood Tastes Lousy with Scotch
Book by Robin Westmiller

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