Intelligence Report from Field McConnell and David Hawkins as of May 30, 2012

Field and David use their forensic skills to assess whether there is evidence that the recent crash of the Sukhoi Superjet was caused by industrial sabotage.

To get up to speed quickly about what our forensic economists have been investigating, watch these videos.

Pattern Crimes
Pattern Signs
Pattern Times

Information can also be obtained from their books and online reference material:

Abel Danger Global
Hunter’s Wingman
Sister Abel, Brother Cain
Abel Danger

Undercover US agents brought down our new Superjet: Russia’s extraordinary claim about crash which killed 45
Mail Online
24 May 2012

The crash of the Sukhoi Superjet
Jim Stone, independent journalist
The comminications were hijacked, and someone claiming to be the pilot radioed the tower and said he was going to descend to 6,000 feet, which, since the pilot was Russia´s best, seems highly implausible. This was to explain why, on radar, the plane was descending willfully when all logic said it should not.

The Guild of Air Pilots & Air Navigators (GAPAN)
The principal activities of the Guild are centred on sponsoring and encouraging action and activities designed to ensure that aircraft are piloted and navigated safely by aviators who are highly competent, self-reliant, dependable and respected.

Air Line Pilots Association
Field refers to this association several times during the broadcast.

Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
Flight Learnings
FADEC is a system consisting of a digital computer and ancillary components that control an aircraft’s engine and propeller. First used in turbine-powered aircraft, and referred to as full authority digital electronic control, these sophisticated control systems are increasingly being used in piston powered aircraft.

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