Daniel Borchers exposes the false Conservatism of Ann Coulter

Dan Borchers discusses his books and website that lambast Ann Coulter, the Queen of Neoconism, whom he feels has perverted the true nature of Conservatism.

A lifelong conservative, Daniel Borchers is a Vietnam veteran who graduated from Excelsior College in New York and worked as a report writer and an intelligence analyst.

Since 1996 he has served as editor of BrotherWatch, a newsletter that examines political, social, cultural, and religious issues from a Christian conservative perspective. His articles have appeared in various publications such as The Lambda Report, The Washington Monthly, The Palladium-Item, The Worldwide News, The Last Ditch, and The Maryland Star. Borchers has appeared on numerous radio talk shows, including The Lonesome Charlie Show, The Joyce Kaufman Show, Louisiana Live with Jim Engster, The Chris Bowman Show, The Richard Kaffenberger Show, and Talk of the Town with Evie Ybarra.

Disenchanted by the moral and ideological hypocrisy that have corrupted the mainstream Conservative Movement, Borchers founded Citizens for Principled Conservatism in 2001. CPC is a nationwide network of citizens seeking the restore true conservative principles, ideals, goals, and behavior within the Conservative Movement.

Coulter Watch
Coulter Watch is a site that promotes the proposition that Conservatism can only endure as a viable and vibrant movement if it maintains a commitment to the core character traits of honor and integrity, honesty, and virtue.

New eBooks
The Beauty of Conservatism
The Gospel According to Ann Coulter

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