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Planned Parenthood doctor admits to selling heads of aborted babies

In its 11th video exposé on Planned Parenthood, the Center for Medical Progress interviews Dr. Amna Dermish, an abortion doctor based in Austin, Texas, who describes a standard partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term fetuses which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting.

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Daniel Borchers exposes the false Conservatism of Ann Coulter

Dan Borchers discusses his books and website that lambast Ann Coulter, the Queen of Neoconism, whom he feels has perverted the true nature of Conservatism.

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Chris Slattery talks about his work in support of expectant mothers and pro-lifers

Chris Slattery has been a pro-life leader for 25 years and founded the first, full-time crisis pregnancy center in New York City called Expectant Mother Care.

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Rayelan's Hour for June 1, 2009

Our host, Rayelan Allan, tackles breaking news events in her inimitable style. Topics include General Motors, political corruption, abortion, and mind control.

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